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About Us

Sacha World of Cosmetics, Inc. is a corporation owned by Marla DeRosa. As a licensed barber/stylist, Marla has been helping women look their best since 1985 and is the owner of Maximum Attention Hair Salon in Jacksonville, Florida. In 2004 she began her career with Sacha Cosmetics. As a Platform Artist for several Hollywood Celebrities since 2006, Mrs. DeRosa knows that a beautiful makeover begins with the right foundation. She found that Sacha foundations match skin tone more perfectly than any other brand in the world, because most Caucasian and all African-American, Latin, Indian, and Asian women have yellow-based skin. The majority of foundations on the market today have a red, pink or orange base and clash with these natural yellow undertones, causing an artificial and two-toned look. Sacha's yellow-based foundations will be that perfect match for your complexion, leaving your face looking flawless and natural. Sacha is indeed the world's leader in makeup and skin care for women with exotic skin tones, and it is the only makeup of choice for Marla DeRosa and thousands of professionals and beautiful women around the world.

Sacha Cosmetics Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Trinidad and Tobago by Kama Maharaj. He was determined to develop the first line of foundation that would perfectly match exotic skin colors, with the right depth of color and undertone. Additionally, he recognized that the eye and lip colors available on the market were not ideally suited to exotic skin. The eye shadows lacked depth of color and “disappeared” on darker skin. Mr. Maharaj wanted colors that would make the eyes stand out, the cheeks sculpted and the lips pouted. After many years of research, the Sacha brand emerged.

Sacha foundations provide full coverage, and when used with the Sacha Face Powders, even women with skin blemishes look as if they have naturally flawless skin. Kamaflage foundation is so effective that it even covers birthmarks, vitiligo, tattoos, and many other conditions.

Sacha products are now distributed in 23 countries around the world. This unique brand has been the Official Cosmetics of the Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Guyana, Miss Bahamas and Miss Jamaica Beauty Pageants.


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